digital transformation

Digital transformation services we provide

We allow enterprises to reassess the outdated operating models, striving to become more flexible and transparent in response to industry demands. At Relanx Group, we thoroughly guide businesses along the DX journey with the services we provide.
Digital transformation solutions we offer :
Digitalization changes business models and processes, making them more customer-oriented through digital transformation services. We develop custom solutions that combine best industry practices and our distinguished expertise.

Business Intelligence

We enable our customers to make data-driven decisions. With our profound expertise, we offer comprehensive BI consulting, implementation, support. Relanx Group harnesses data to increase business efficiency, improve risk management, and streamline data quality control.

Customer relationship management(CRM)

We develop, implement, test, and support CRM solutions, helping businesses recognize the value of their customers and benefit from improved customer relationships.

Enterprise resource planning

Human Resources Management (HRM)

We create customized HRM solutions that meet specific business requirements in human resource management. Our customers access the best benefits, time-saving technology, premium service, and dedicated support.

Digital workplace solutions

Platform-based solutions (Atlassian, Salesforce), collaboration software (knowledge and innovation management, project collaboration), mobile applications, Al-powered tools (chatbots) are what we deliver to arrange a digital workplace

Enterprise security

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